The Anchor Begins WikiWorship at Hell’s Kitchen

“Are Buddhists, Jews, Muslims and other non-Christians damned if they never claim Jesus Christ as their personal Savior?” This was the inaugural question of the day at Anchor’s new WikiWorship gathering at . . of all places . . the Hell’s Kitchen pub in downtown Wilmington. A spot frequented by patrons seeking the purvey of spirits during regular business hours is hosting a different “Spirit” on Sunday mornings. Anchor’s first gathering on March 9, 2014 enjoyed the presence of some 50 interested persons of varying backgrounds, many of whom engaged in the hot topic dialogue introduced by Rev. Philip Chryst. As Anchor’s planting pastor, Rev. Chryst is not one to shy away from innovative ventures nor potentially loaded topics of discussion. The gathering opened with a welcome and included 3 songs from different live singer/musicians, scripture reading, introduction of the Wiki question by Pastor Philip and the open forum which yielded quite a few questions (and some definite opinions) from among the people. WikiWorship concluded with a response prayer, closing song and brunch which provided for further “spirited” conversation around tables.
Rev. Chryst’s intent is to use the Hell’s Kitchen gatherings and other outreach events to feed involvement in Anchor’s several Missional Communities (mid-sized groups of 20-40) which meet during the week in various locations. Chryst explains, “Doing life together as a growing spiritual family on mission is central to why we’re here. It’s our vision and strategy. The Missional Community is the place we believe discipleship happens best, and where persons who are drifting or disconnected from God can find the meaningful connection they need. We want to be the Anchor for them amidst the turbulent waters of life.”
Smiles and desires to return for next week’s WikiWorship topic seemed to be shared by all. Big-time relief for having made a solid witness in downtown Wilmington was definitely felt by Pastor Chryst. Stay up to date with all of Anchor’s activities at their website —